The college admissions process can be, and indeed should be, a rewarding, stimulating, and successful experience for you, not a burdensome task to be undertaken with anxiety. It can be fun, and it will inevitably be a time for self-discovery and self-knowledge. You are heading into a venture in which you will learn much about yourself, your feelings about education and your place in an educational environment, and about your place in life and what you want from it and are willing to give to it.
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A college education is, without a question, the largest single investment people ever make in themselves. Remember, there is "no ideal college". You know best about your own potential, and your abilities, and the task of college choice ultimately rests with you. is available to counsel and assist you in any way possible, but you must begin the process by thinking about who you are and what you want from your life after high school. encourages you to investigate the information available here and to contact Ms. Groelle, M.A. at with any questions you may have. She is available to work with you as you begin the college admissions process .You also are urged to seek out others for there are many sources of support and information: your parents, teachers, advisor, friends, college admissions staff, and others. Go to the college catalogs, websites, and read the guides at your disposal. Make use of your school’s guidance office and meet often with the counselor there. The better they know you, the more they will be able to help you.

This is a significantly important venture you’re undertaking, and you should be as curious and inquisitive as you like. Curiosity and inquisitiveness, in fact, are two qualities most admissions people find highly desirable. We urge you to open yourself to these qualities now, and we guarantee that you will be rewarded if you do so.

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