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What students have to say:
I decided to use College Counseling's services, after a rather frustrating first semester. I realized that my college was not the best fit for me and I wanted to make a change. However, I was overwhelmed by the entire college application process. Robin Groelle was able to take the anxiety out of the entire process. She was very encouraging and she was always willing to provide support if I had questions or problems. Through the College Counseling organization, I was able to be accepted at a wonderful, small liberal arts school with a scholarship. I am so happy with my transfer decision and I am thankful to College Counseling for making it possible.
Bonnie - Transfer student

When I was going through the college application process, I had a strong sense of what I was looking for in a university – middle-sized, diverse, close to a city – but I was anxious about getting in.  Like most students, uncertainty looms when it comes to that next step, and the stress of doing “enough” to get in to the college of my dreams (or just any school at all) was, at times, overwhelming.  Robin Groelle took the guesswork out of the college process for me.  Through her kind words of encouragement and her extreme knowledge about the quirks and details surrounding college applications, I was able to relax.  It’s important to have the support of a college counselor that’s dedicated to getting to know you and what your personal goals are; that you feel heard and understood throughout the college process.  There is no one in this industry that’s more dedicated to giving you that support.    
Kaitlyn Thompson, Northwestern University ‘11

What parents have to say:

This truly was a journey!

Our student had academic set backs. Robin was quick to point out how to succeed and encouraged our daughter. She never gives up on student success.  It was also helpful that she could act as 'heavy' when needed so that we could enjoy the college selection process and maintain a somewhat less stressful relationship with our student. Ours was a unique situation because we had a student-athlete; and we did not hire an athletic recruiter. So between athletic recruiting roller coaster (managed by dad) and college we needed some assistance - so we went for academic focus and hired Robin. Best decision we could have made. Thank you.

Ways College Counseling was most helpful:

  • Essay help, identifying "best fit" colleges
  • Listening and guiding both child and parents....was able to stay on track as the student's advocate using an approach that was insightful, fair, and productive.
  • Helping to keep all college deadlines, reviewing of essays to suit each different college. Robin Groelle was extremely helpful in assisting our child with reviewing essays and tailor making them to help her stand out to each specific college she applied to.
  • Helping to keep my son on a planned schedule.
  • Robin really helped us as a family deal with a stressful and anxious time and we felt supported every step of the way. She was also instrumental in my daughter petitioning and getting into the honors college which I would not have known about. Her influence now will go past the admissions process and help my daughter during her whole college experience.! I would highly recommend College Counseling.
  • Keeping the momentum going, ensuring that all tasks are completed
  • For us, starting the process while traveling was difficult, you simplified what was needed, set up a plan for each step, and took much of the guess work out of what to do next.
  • Helping keep us all on track over the whole process

My Son/Daughter’s greatest challenge in college planning:

  • Choosing which colleges to apply to
  • Essays.... Trying to come up with a unique topic and writing style that would make the application stand out was a bit of a challenge.
  • Deciding on which colleges to apply to. Meeting deadlines (but once we retained Robin Groelle, that was not an issue). Writing essays that helped her to stand out to each particular college.
  • Writing the resume and essay.
  • Choosing which schools to visit
  • Finding the time to do all the research and the work associated with applying to colleges.
  • First, she had to figure out where she "fit", both academically and socially. This was not simple. Second, she was challenged with how best to approach her list of schools. As you know, she is involved deeply in quite a few things. Focus was a big challenge for her.
  • Organization!

Ways College Counseling  successfully met these challenges?

  • Robin celebrated along with our daughter when deadlines were made and accentuated our daughter’s positive traits through the process
  • Your feedback and suggestions significantly helped and gave her confidence to complete the essays.
  • I cannot say enough about the overall experience with Robin Groelle. She made this so easy for us as the parents and I would like to add that we felt she went over and above what we retained her for. Robin was always available to us as issues came up from the beginning of the application process and after college acceptance.
  • Came up with great suggestions for resume and essay and reviewed both numerous times. Each time they became better and better.
  • Made excellent list of schools to consider
  • Kept the ball rolling, always providing the structure for identifying and accomplishing the necessary tasks.
  • KJ was very busy and in the middle of learning how to organize and focus while balancing so many projects. You were able to empathize with her while guiding her through the admissions process - getting her actions lined up with objectives. While it wasn't always pretty, it was highly effective.
  • Regular communication, encouragement and follow up.

CC helped us identify the colleges that best suited our son's goals as well as to guide him through the whole experience. Robin is very well known in college circles. Her help went way beyond what was required of her and all through the process you could tell that she loves what she does and that she will get the job done with care and appreciation for the student and his family.
Parents of Swarthmore College Freshmen

Robin supported my daughter and me with every step along the way to my daughter’s ultimate admission and choice of college.  She helped us both to stay motivated and keep working at it.  The regular Skype meetings were a big plus. 
Parent of Flagler College student.

Robin was always accessible and developed a great rapport with our child.  The college application process was made smooth and understandable and most importantly, do-able. Thanks to the input and excellent guidance of Robin. We highly recommend her services.  
Parents of WPI student

Robin Groelle’s exemplary professionalism and expertise guided our two oldest children through the successful process of college and university admission! They have made the transition to University life at institutions appropriate for each of them. Robin’s personal and professional involvement, as well as her thorough knowledge of the admission process, was instrumental in resolving critical concerns as they arose.

Thank you Robin for taking the time and making the effort to go beyond merely what is required to achieve what is possible. Life is a result of the selections that we make! Thank you for your help in making them the best!
David and Patty Persson

Robin truly enjoys working with young people and especially enjoys seeing them successfully complete their college search with a school that best matches their goals, personality, and intellect. 

Robin’s low key, calming counseling demeanor reassures students and their parents, and frequently brings some much needed humor to the process.  As a parent, I enjoyed working with Robin during my two children’s college search process. Her guidance was valuable, insightful and encouraging while letting them take the lead in this very important step of their young lives; they both appreciated her time and efforts with them, and remain pleased with their college choices. 

What School Administrators have to say:
Robin has a breadth of experience that is rare in college counselors.  Her comprehensive knowledge and wealth of contacts with colleges and universities and within professional organizations enable her to be an effective advocate for students and families.  I have seen her make calls on behalf of students to colleges and universities when she knew that the student would be a good fit and the admissions office simply needed some convincing. 
She knows how to present students in the best possible light. Keenly aware of the cost of college, Robin has experience with identifying appropriate scholarships and assisting families with all aspects of acquiring financial assistance. 
Upper School Director

Robin built our college counseling program to a comprehensive developmentally based program which begins counseling students in the middle school years and guides and develops them into young adults capable of leading and executing their own college search.  All along the way Robin works closely with students and parents to fully understand the process, help identify the best matches of schools and student, help students present themselves effectively through their written essays, teach them interview skills, and guide them in standardized test taking processes.  She has transformed the college search process for our school community.
Julie Leach, President, Board of Trustees – Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

Robin’s confidence in what she knows has assured our students and parents that when they follow her guidance, the end result will be that a letter of acceptance will arrive from a school of their choice.  Robin helps the families find the right schools that match the students abilities, needs and wants in a college selection.  She will always go above and beyond to make sure every stone has been turned for her students.  Her biggest joy is knowing that those she has worked with are enrolled in a college or university where they will be happy and flourish. 
Jan Pullen, Head of School- Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

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